Crowned - Vacuous Spectral Silence (2012) [news]

Les australiens de Crowned ont sorti leur premier album il y deux ans. Il se nomme Vacuous Spectral Silence et il est sorti via Seance Records. Au menu du bon black metal.

The silence of ages past is broken by Crowned’s spectral choir. Their murky veil of
Atmospheric Black Metal echoes like the chant of choral ghosts in forgotten crypts.
Channeling a haunting resonance of the dark ages as creeping shadows enshroud,  light
scarcely brakes upon the cold stone where a Vacuous Spectral Silence lingers eternally.

‘Vacuous Spectral Silence’ is the magnificent debut album by the cloaked trinity, Crowned.
Australian Black metal created under night’s transcendental veil with intelligence, subtlety
and abundant atmosphere, an austere opus traversing life, death and infinity.


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