[news] EDEN WEINT IM GRAB – Geysterstunde II (2014)

EDEN WEINT IM GRAB – Geysterstunde II CD - Einheit Produktionen

Dark Horror Metal

Just in time for the 10th anniversary of their debut album “Traumtrophäen toter Trauertänzer” (“Mourning Dancers' Dream Trophies”, 2004), Berlin-based night crawlers Eden Weint Im Grab resume their “Geysterstunde” (“Witching Hour”) concept by releasing its much-anticipated Part Two.

With their five previous albums Eden Weint Im Grab established themselves as a self-contained band with artistic claim in the metal and gothic scene. The Berlin based band combines gothic, dark/black metal, doom, carnival music and audio drama elements and abduct their listeners into a mysterious, odd twilight zone between this world and the other side. The new album, “Geysterstunde II”, combines different genres in a diversified, mature sound cosmos with cello and violin fully integrated. Poetic, melancholic, romantic, morbid and dark as the night … this is how heavy Gothic Romanticism should sound!
„Geysterstunde II“ will be released on August, 29th 2014 via Einheit Produktionen. At the same day the label will release a 10th anniversary version of the debut album “Traumtrophäen toter Trauertänzer” (remastered, with 6 bonus tracks & liner notes) on cd. If you like to review this album as well, feel free to ask for promo material!

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