[news] Xtreem Music - SOULSKINNER (Greek Death Metal)

SOULSKINNER (Greece) - Crypts of Ancient Wisdom (2014, Xtreem Music)

About death metal This year we've seen the likes of Desecresy, Warlord UK, Gravecrusher, Coffinborn, Death Vomit, Aposento, Azooma, Dying Out Flame, a couple of great reissues of underrated Spanish bands, and there's more coming still. Here's a Greek old school death metal band carrying on the tradition of top notch death metal released by Xtreem Music.

SOULSKINNER (Greece) - Crypts of Ancient Wisdom (Death Metal, October 15th 2014, Xtreem Music) 

It's hard to believe this band isn't from the early '90s, standing head to head with acts like Gorefest, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Unleashed and Asphyx among others. Looking into the band's history, you'll find Soulskinner is an experienced one with 'Crypts of Ancient Wisdom' being the band's third full length album, born around the time bands like Deathevokation, Kaamos, Mandatory and other revivalists did their bit. This band is all about traditional structuring (methodical), exuding that irresistible charm, adding more to the music than just brutality. It's as if there are tales to be told, feelings to be experienced, little pillars of classic death metal outlasting the sands of time, its appeal never to be diminished. It's about time Soulskinner that has been languishing in darkness gets noticed. 

Line up -
Gothmog - Vocals
Bill - Guitar, bass
Spiros - Guitar
Kostas - Drums


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