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[news] PANIKK (Slovenia) - Unbearable Conditions (2014)

It's been forever since I sent out a thrash metal news. This one is from Xtreem Music and the owner loves to support metal from all over - Nepal, Chile, Slovenia, etc. Panikk is reminiscent of the Bay Area thrash and it's strangely refreshing these days.

PANIKK (Slovenia) - Unbearable Conditions (Thrash Metal, November 22nd, 2014, Xtreem Music)

These days it's the third world countries that are keeping the thrash metal spirit alive. Panikk from Slovenia release their debut full length album on Xtreem Music that sends you on a nostalgic trip. They're not trying too hard, simply recapturing the magic of the tape-era thrash. We're talking about bands like Metallica, Exodus, Death Angel, Forbidden and Testament before the genre got more extreme and branched out into death and black metal eventually. This is straight up thrash, with emphasis on the feel than the obscurity or rawness, sounding energized, primal (relatively) and heaps of fun.

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