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[news] PUTRID EVOCATION (Chile) - Echoes of Death (2014)


Here's some killer dark death metal for a change. The band in context is from Chile and the bands there take their death metal seriously. Enjoy this festering slab of death metal done very, very well.

PUTRID EVOCATION (Chile) - Echoes of Death (Death Metal, November 1st, 2014, Xtreem Music)

Putrid Evocation breathes new life in the dark death metal category by also imbibing influences from the old Scandinavian scene such as Abhorrence (Finland), Purtenance, Nihilist, Convulse and of course making Incantation proud. The music is made with serious passion and sincere intent, the songs are fleshed out and exude a vibe that comes naturally, the air is dank and fetid. More importantly, justice is done to the genre. This sounds authentic, in that the band is very comfortable playing in this style even though this happens to be only the band's debut full length. Impeccably structured and paced, 'Echoes of Death' is the next revelation for fans of real death metal.

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