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[news] Graveyard After Graveyard - Hellhound On My Trail

 Graveyard After Graveyard - Hellhound On My Trail

Chaos Records (23/02/2015)

Graveyard After Graveyard is about Rogga Johansson attempting to play a different style of music, leaning more towards the thrashier, blackened spectrum of death metal. Teaming up with the GRAVE guitarist and drummer of SINNERS BURN, the trio play some invigorating black/death/thrash metal that will have you tapping your feet and bobbing your head furiously. There's a trademark riffing style, a subtle groove and lots of force in the music. This stands apart from the weak-sounding black/thrash revivalists and oozes sheer power and confidence. This is a very potent, compact and relatively fresh-sounding release featuring the tireless legend.

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