[news] GROTESQUE DEITY (Mexico) - Bloodream (2015)

GROTESQUE DEITY (Mexico) - Bloodream (Deathrash Metal, May 11th 2015, Infernal Devastation Records)

Where do these bands come from? Just when we thought we had enough of the best kind of old school thrash-tinged death metal, GROTESQUE DEITY emerge from the catacombs down in hot Mexico.
It's festering, sizzling, feverish death metal, the kind that will send tingles up and down your spine. It's immediately reminiscent of DEATH, DISMEMBER, CARNAGE, MORGOTH, ASPHYX, well, all rolled into one and that can only be a good thing since we have enough clones to deal with. It's familiar but not plainly derivative and so, so potent and reassuring. This EP is the first step for the band and it's astonishing to hear how good it sounds, and thanks to the wise man behind the new label Infernal Devastation Records, Chris Anning, the presentation with the artwork done by Yellow Mushi is top-notch as well. Time for us to dig our own graves, put on our iPods or whatever, and rest in peace. And have GROTESQUE DEITY tunes dance on our tombstones. Death metal to the bone. 

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