[news] SEWERCIDE (Australia) - Severing the Mortal Cord (2015)

SEWERCIDE (Australia) - Severing the Mortal Cord (Raging Death/Thrash, February 28th, 2015, Infernal Devastation Records) 



SEWERCIDE are one of the best acts to emerge from Australia in recent times. They eschew the school norms and concoct absolutely refreshing, raging music combining the primal elements of death metal and the irresistible fervour of thrash metal.
The result is whiplashing, overwhelming death/thrash metal reminiscent of the early Floridian death metal scene a la MALEVOLENT CREATION, SOLSTICE, RESURRECTION with the Bay Area touches and paying tribute to the genre originators/propagators DEATH, MASSACRE and OBITUARY. But it's all done with increased speed, modern frantic approach and sublime execution and production values. A must for all those who have a penchant for wicked, rollicking death/thrash metal. 

INFERNAL DEVASTATION BANDCAMP https://infernaldevastationrecords.bandcamp.com/
SEWERCIDE FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/Sewercide
INFERNAL DEVASTATION RECORDS - http://www.infernal-devastation-records.com/
INFERNAL DEVASTATION FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/InfernalDevastationRecords


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