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[newsletter] Aug.15: Antropofago, Sources of I, Eye of Solitude, The Erkonauts, Putrid Offal and more...


Second full-length, "Æra Dementiæ", available for preorder!

« Æra Dementiæ », the long-awaited second full-length by French technical Death Metalers ANTROPOFAGO is available for preorders at long last!

Offering 10 tracks of technical yet catchy Death Metal with progressive and melodic touches while always heavy and intense, « Æra Dementiæ », which comes with stunning artwork by Mythrid Art (Kronos, Recueil Morbide…), features guest appearances by past and current members of Gorod, Insain, Nephren-Ka and Savage Annihilation.

No Clean Singing says it's « a rare Beast ! », Wonderbox Metal adds it's « A very strong album » while RAM Zine tells us « You can't help but be impressed » (10/10) and all current reviews are literally raving about it scoring 9/10 at Headbang or GTFO and Zephyr's Odem, 8.5/10 at Queens of Steel and 8/10 at The Grim Tower… with way more to come soon for sure!

The album is available as a 500 copies limited edition first print as a Deluxe three panels DigiSleeve double CD with an expanded version of the « Between Fear and Madness » EP as second CD for a total of no less than six bonus tracks. Both « Æra Dementiæ » and « Between Fear and Madness » are also available as separate digital downloads.

Release date is set to August 14th, 2015 and preorders are available RIGHT NOW with a full line of new merchandise including t-shirts, girlies, tank tops, long sleeves and sweat shirts.

Full album stream and your copy await you at the Kaotoxin Shop NOW!


Debut EP, « Faces », available for preorder.

Tanquam Aegri Somnia artists SOURCES OF I (Bulgaria), who feature Déhà (We All Die (laughing), C.O.A.G., Merda Mundi, Yhdarl…) on bass and vocals, are releasing their debut EP, « Faces », on August 14th, 2015 as a strictly limited edition of 500 copies as Deluxe three panels DigiSleeve CD (NO future reprint!) and, of course, digital.

Mixing influences of the current Doom-ridden Black Metal scene with elements of old-school Norwegian Black Metal, SOURCES OF I are unleashing an atmospheric and progressive, dark, beautiful and sorrowfull yet fast and brutal at times, piece of dark arts that's slowly growing on the listener's mind, trapping him (or her, of course) in a mesmerizing abyss of twisted aural poetry. Cvlt Nation said about it it's « a good reminder that darkness can also be beautiful ».

Stream the EP in full and get your copy at the Kaotoxin Shop NOW!


to release a split EP in September

Kaotoxin's masters of everything dark and heavy EYE OF SOLITUDE have teamed with Van Records' oppressors FAAL to bring you a piece of dark matter : a collector split EP which will be released on Sep.18 with preorders starting on August 17th.

Coming as a strictly limited edition of 500 copies as a Deluxe three panels DigiSleeve CD with dark artwork by French photo artist Animalerrant (facebook.com/animalerrantphoto) with no future reprint and, of course, digital, the untitled split features a brand new and previously track by each band for a total running time of nearly 24 minutes of EYE OF SOLITUDE's trademark, unique kind of Funeral Doom and FAAL's really personal and oppressive Doom / Death with Dark Metal elements.

BEWARE : out of the 500 copies, more than 400 have already been sent to Kaotoxin's retail distribution network, this meaning LESS THAN 100 will be available upon preorders' launch… BE FATS! Be also sure to check your inbox on August 14th… we may be are preparing something special for you, our dear subscribers… who knows…
EYE OF SOLITUDE items at Kaotoxin.com


sign to Kaotoxin ; announce September 2015 Europe Tour.

Kaotoxin is very happy to announce the inking of a multi-album deal with Switzerland's rocking machine THE ERKONAUTS.

Founded in 2014 by ex-Sybreed, Djizoes and 7-tone members, THE ERKONAUTS are one of the most dynamic and hardworking bands out of Switzerland today. Playing a very high octane style of their very own, the band strives to pack kick-ass modern power, execution and production with subtle vintage tones and a musical taste that encompasses genres as diverse as Progressive Metal, Fusion, Rock, Thrash Metal, Crossover Metal, Punk, Power Metal, Alternative Metal and whatnot.

The first print of their 2014 debut full-length, "I Did Something Bad" (soon followed by the "All the Girls Should Die" single in 2014 too), got sold out in no time while the band was embarking on a world tour that already drove them from Europe to USA, Japan, China and Taiwan. A new edition has soon been released and will most surely be sold out after the band's forthcoming September 2015 « The Great Suppositour » Europe Tour.

Currently confirmed tour dates (more TBA):
  • 02.SEP.2015 – FR – Reims
  • 03.SEP.2015 – BE – Liège
  • 05.SEP.2015 – NL – Emmen
  • 09.SEP.2015 – DE – Chemnitz
  • 11.SEP.2015 – BE – Eernegem
THE ERKONAUTS will be in the studio in August to record some new tracks. The new album should be released during the second half of 2016.


« Mature Necropsy » to be released on vinyl ; new live video unleashed.

PUTRID OFFAL's critically-acclaimed and successfull debut full-length (first press sold out within weeks) featuring guest appearances by Loudblast's S. Buriez on vocals and guitars and Noise Emission Control's F. Blauwblomme (ex-Khromadeath) on vocals throughout the album, will be released as a 12" LP coming as both a 100 copies collector edition red LP or 400 copies limited edition black LP. Both versions will feature the two bonus cover versions (SOD and Nerve) that can also be found on the CD first and second prints.

Set for a November 13th worldwide release date, the album has been specifically remastered for analog physical supports at the Conkrete Studio (Otargos, We All Die (laughing)…).

In other Putrid Offal news, the band also just unleashed a live music video for the song "Purulent Cold" taken from "Mature Necropsy". It's been shot at their May 23rd 2015 comeback gig, the first gig in nearly 20 years!, with their brand new drummer, Laye of Dehuman, blasting the skins. You can watch it in the post below.

Putrid Offal are currently working on the follow-up to "Mature Necropsy" as well as the LP version of "Premature Necropsy: the Carnage Continues" to be unleashed sometimes in 2016 through The Crypt and will play the following festivals. More to be announced soon:
  • Sep.04 - FR – Fall of Summer
  • Sep.10 - DE – Deathfeast
  • Oct.02 - FR – Loches en Grind
  • Dec.06 - FR – KaotoxinFest#II
Here's what the medias said about "Mature Necropsy" so far:
  • "One of the most significant Death Metal records of all time" [SoulGrinder]
  • "One of the strongest Death Metal records of recent times." [This Noise Is Ours]
  • "One of the year's Death Metal highlights" [Metal Forces]
  • "The defining album of a genre" [Headbanger Zine]
  • "An extremely triumphant return" [Encyclopædia Metallum]
  • "Absurdly relevant and energised, this is Goregrind for the 21st century" [WonderBox Metal]
  • "You can consider me impressed!" [Moshville Times]
  • "Un "must-have" sur toute la ligne" [Metalland]
  • 10/10 at Metal Archives
  • 9.25/10 at French Metal
  • 9.1/10 at Headbang or GTFO
  • 9/10 at The Grim Tower and Metal Forces
  • 8.8/10 at Metal Gallows
  • 8.5/10 at Church of Nowhere and Crossfire Metal
  • 8.3/10 at FFM-Rock
  • 8.2/10 at Metal Imperium
  • 8/10 at Angry Metal Guy, Ave Noctum, Brutalism, Everything Heavy Metal, Ghostcult, In Your Eyes, Metallized, RunnerJMA, Twilight…
Get "Mature Necropsy" on CD as a 500 copies limited edition DigiSleeve CD with two bonus tracks or as digital download at the Kaotoxin Shop NOW!

(LP version released in cooperation with Uterus Productions)
PUTRID OFFAL items at Kaotoxin.com


THE NEGATION "Memento Mori"
MERDA MUNDI "VI (khaos)"
DEHUMAN "Graveyard of Eden"



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