[news] Metal Scraps Records - Albums out on 2015 (Reminder)

Voici les albums sortis en 2015 via le label Metal Scrap Records

C'est une grosse mise à jour, donc prenez le temps de bien écouter et de bien regarder !

AURON "Auron" 2015

(Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal)

The self-titled debut full-length album by Russian Melodic Progressive Heavy Metal band.
This record is full of diversity: Progressive rhythms with unusual drum breaks combined with old-school Heavy drive, polyphonic richness with a monolithic power, and drive with lyricism. Optimistic and positive lyrics and high clean vocals will charge you with energy!
Music of Auron gravitates to such bands as: Dream Theatre, Yngwie J. Malmsteen, Saxon, Scorpions, and will be interesting to a wide range of Metal fans!!

ONE STEP BEYOND "The Music Of Chance" 2015

(Extreme Metal/Crossover)

Third full-length album by the Australian Extreme Metal/Crossover band.
One Step Beyond constructs a brand of Extreme Metal with no obvious parallels. They aim to craft each song to have its own identity.
Musically it draws from all elements of Extreme Metal and is constructed with utmost respect to the album format. It is intended to be more than a collection of the bands 11 best songs. Each moment is a reaction to what has come before it and is an instigator of what comes after it. One Step Beyond feels that all the songs stand strongly on their own, but are all enhanced by being played together.
The album has a recurring lyrical subtext, based on some of the ways chance impacts on day to day living. Examples range from gambling and drug abuse, to how a seemingly random event can shape an entire life.
The release includes 12-page booklet, made by famous Ukrainian designer Nurgeslag.
Recommended for fans of: Napalm Death, Macabre, Mr. Bungle, Enslaved.

CRUENTA LACRYMIS "Sweetness And Blasphemy" 2015

(Symphonic Black/Death Metal)

Debut full-length album by Italian Symphonic Black/Death Metal band.
”Sweetness And Blasphemy” - an assembly of Symphonic Black Metal and Melodic Death Metal with Gothic influences. The themes represented in band's lyric are mainly horror & dramatic. The album divided in two sides: the Sweetness Side - contains the more melodic songs, and the Blasphemy Side - instead contains the violent songs. This style remember the classic Cradle of Filth / Dimmu Borgir with Arch Enemy's voice style, all mixed up a sound that wants to be more than modern and directly. Essentially band interpretate the Symphonic Black/Death Metal, that focuses on impact and the tone of voice.
Highly recommended for fans of: Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir and Arch Enemy!!

D.HATE "L. I. F. E." 2015

(Death/Groove Metal)

"Look Into Fear‘s Eye" is the second full-length album by Ukrainian Death/Groove Metal band.
10 tracks concerning the problem of man’s fear in the fight with yourself throughout life.
Brand heavy sound is the hallmark of the band that will be appreciated by every fan of Heavy Metal music.
Album was recorded in Hertz Studio, Poland (Behemoth, Vader, Decapitated and others).
Artworks created by Gustavo Sazes, Brazil (Arch Enemy, Morbid Angel, Amaranthe, Legion Of The Damned, Firewind, etc…)
This CD will be a great addition to the collection of every Metalhead!

I MISS MY DEATH "In Memories Presentation Show - Live In Kiev 2013" 2015

(Gothic Doom Metal)

The debut full-length DVD by Ukrainian Gothic Doom Metal band.
"In Memories" is not just a collection of compositions but a whole story that can be traced from song to song. It's the story where each chapter is a new round of a sad legend with lonely and opposed to the whole world romantic hero in its center. And this legend must be told properly!
That’s why I Miss My Death members approached to Presentation Show of the debut full-length album responsibly. Expansion of music staff by string section and backing vocals allowed to make music more intense and dramatic, interesting duo created livelier atmosphere, changeless aristocratic style found its embodiment in the new bright costumes. As a result o ne of band's brightest performances was organized and we glad to present it to you!
For fans of: Draconian, Tristania, The Sins Of Thy Beloved, Sirenia, and early Theatre Of Tragedy!!

CRIMSON SKY “Transcendental Trip” 2015 /NEW/
(Gothic/Doom Metal)

The second full-length album by Ukrainian Gothic/Doom Metal band.
“Transcendental Trip” is an ingenious phenomena of Atmospheric Metal. This creative product reflects a deviation from the classic Gothic Metal structure, revealing its own fine-spun realm of contrasts – romantic Doom parts and energetic groovy moments, symphonic epicism and acoustic tranquility. Male desperate or serpentine growl and charming or passionate female singing personify two antagonistic sources. All those energies are not only embodied in sounds and voices, but are also deeply expressed in lyrics, which have to become the key to understanding the music. The listener will go on a certain extraordinary journey, turning into wanderers of different dimensions. According to authors, this trip symbolizes a roam in quest of light in the time-worn world, leading to rebirth not only of people, but also of the Planet. “Transcendental Trip” incarnates acquisition of demiurgical power in the consciousness of a man, who waded through a long and complicated path, heading towards a long-awaited insight.
If you enjoy the music of such bands as: Draconian, Haggard, Shining, Swallow The Sun, November’s Doom, Uaral, Therion, Doom:VS, Saturnus, Shape Of Despair, Anathema, and Angizia - Crimson Sky’s new album will be an unexpectedly pleasant discovery for you!!

MY LAST SOLACE "Echoes Follower" 2015 /NEW/
(Melodic Nu-Metal)

The second EP by Belarusian Melodic Nu-Metal band.
Rich melodious guitar and bass reeves, dynamic and various percussions, and heavy-duty voice parts. Tracks on an album aren't similar at each other and it's shows the wide range of band's creative opportunities. Music and lyrics are filled with all pain and rage, love, pleasure, and injustice of this world, so each listener can find in it something special.
For fans of: In Flames, System Of A Down, Slipknot, Stone Sour, Ill Nino, Bullet For My Valentine, Five Fingers Death Punch, and Children Of Bodom!!

MIZANTROPIA "Oblivion" 2015 /NEW/
(Extreme Gothic Metal)

The second full-length album by Ukrainian Extreme Dark/Gothic Metal band.
Love, hate, pain, fear, suffering and happiness – everything aforesaid would be buried in oblivion, sooner or later... The new release of Mizantropia narrates all about the acuteness of feelings and emotions experienced by us during our life and at the same time about theirs inevitable dilatory withering with the course of time.
The sound of the album took a more heavy and aggressive form, retaining the lyricism and the tragedy of the early work of the band. The album embodies Extreme Gothic Metal with splashes of Doom, Dark, Black and Melodic Death Metal. Bright female soprano changing with desperate scream - like the two sides of the same soul, telling of the way to the inevitable and unavoidable. Ones it's energetic and hard, next it's viscous and languid guitar riffs, flavored with incredible beauty keyboard passages, create the melodies sinking down forever in the heart.
In addition to the basic 9 tracks on CD, there is pleasant and unpredictable surprise represented by 2 bonus tracks, one of them is a cover version of the song of Russian Pop Diva Alla Pugacheva.
This CD is strongly recommended for "dark" music genre fans, as well as fans of: In Flames, Draconian, Insomnium and Moonspell!!

SUNLIGHT "My Own Truth" 2015 /NEW/
(Hard/Heavy/Power Rock)

The first full-length album by Greek Hard'n'Heavy/Power Metal band.
Hard Rock sound, combined with Heavy and Power Metal elements, reflects the band's many different influences. A strong rhythm section, melodic guitars, leading keyboards, and wide-range vocals deliver nine songs full of cool riffs, catchy melodies and memorable choruses. Attractive vocal melodies, combined with grooving beats and thrilling solos, are the most powerful features of the album.
For fans of: Whitesnake, Deep Purple, Iron Maiden and Helloween!
Total Metal Records, 2015 (TMR021-100). Made in Ukraine. First press.

МРІЯ ЖИТТЯ / MRIYA ZHYTTYA "Відчуй / Feel" 2015 /NEW/
/Digital LP/

Debut full-length album by Ukrainian Melodic Hard Rock/Heavy Metal band. The mix of Hard Rock riffs with Electronic, plus beautiful Ukrainian lyrics, makes very positive effects. Band tried to spread their songs through the sixth sense, that was the reason for the album’s name, “Feel”. It’s an intimate sensitivity, which is shown in talk and even in the appeal to God, that is followed by self-perception.
For fans of: James LaBrie, I See Stars, Scorpions, and all lovers of good melodic music!

JOINTSTEREO "Circles. EP" 2015 /NEW/
/Digital EP/
(Atmospheric Progressive Post-Metal/Rock)

Debut EP by Russian Atmospheric Progressive Post-Metal/Rock band.
Jointstereo was always known to avoid narrow stylistic niches, whatsoever. The extensive musical exposure and wide range of musical likes help Jointestereo make the music “on the go”; hence their stylistic diversity of music. This helps Jointstereo avoid self-copicatting and release diverse material without giving up on the signature mood, atmosphere and style. The style of this band can be described as Atmospheric Rock with Progressive elements, approximate to the Post-Metal.
Lyrics mostly deal with the dark states of mind, based on religious and philosophical views and scientific theories thus going way beyond personal feelings and self-reflections.
Conceptually, record sessions were all about achieving live and natural sound; hence the Rock legends of the past, used as a go-by during mastering and the numerous analogue devices in the record path. The release therefore can be viewed as an eclectic and post-modernistic one (in a good sense of this word).
Highly recommended for fans of: Katatonia, Anathema, Callisto, The Ocean, and Ghost Brigade!

VARANG NORD “Fire Of The North” 2015 /NEW/
/Pit-Art MCD/
(Folk Metal)

The debut mini-album by Latvian Folk Metal band.
Although each of the band’s members has their own musical background and experience, “Fire Of The North” is the first their work that represents vision of the genre, combining heavy music with an old Pagan atmosphere.
The album was inspired by such bands as: Amon Amarth, Fintroll (music) and Skyforger (lyrics). The main theme of the album is the culture of the people of North and North-East Europe.
"Fire Of The North" deviates from the accentuated Epic Folk Metal, bringing to the genre rigidity, straightness and Nordic severity. Hunting, ale, blood and war - this is the atmosphere that accompanies the album from beginning to end, that must please fans of evil and truly Pagan Metal!!

DAN DEAGH WEALCAN "Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?" 2015 /NEW/
/Pit-Art CD/

(Experimental Metal)

The second full-length album by the international duo from Russia and Ukraine.
"Who Cares What Music Is Playing In My Headphones?" differs dramatically from the first album of Dan Deagh Wealcan, regarding both composing and overall sound. Nine completely different tracks, recorded throughout 2014, that do not bear any common concept, which is, in a way, a conception itself. This is a "playlist from the author", arranged at free will, an attempt to embrace different styles and genres. After all, the music that's in your headphones is important only for you...
More calm and philosophical, but still complex work is a major step forward for the duo, combinind such genres as: Industrial, Progressive, Post-Rock, Hardcore and Electonic.
As before, all instrumental parts were recorded in Moscow, and vocals were recorded in Zaporizhzhya. The album was mastered at TA Production, Zaporizhzhya, Ukraine.
Recommended for fans of: Nine Inch Nails, Tool, Ministry, Porcupine Tree, Mike Patton, Devin Townsend and all fans of extraordinary, intractable for identification genres of music!

PHLEGMATIC TABLE "Waiting For The Wolf" /Digital EP/ 2015 /NEW/
(Technical Progressive Post-Thrash Metal)

Debut EP by Belarusian Technical Progressive Post-Thrash Metal band.
Unconventional music and original combination of such styles as: Thrash Metal, Psychedelia, Jazz, and Groove Metal.
Intricate guitar passages in the spirit of Prong, Voivod and Megadeth can please with dense wall of sound. Sometimes you can find sticky melancholy of Alice In Chains and cheerful energetic Rockabilly riffs.
Lyrics of the band represent a sarcastic mockery over the surrounding reality.
If you search for something new, then your direct route is to Phlegmatic Tablel!
Recommended for fans of: Voivod, Prong, Coroner, Megadeth and Alice In Chains!!

PSYCHOPHOBIA "The Fall" /Digital EP/ 2015 /NEW/
(Melodic Death Metal)

Debut EP by the Polish Melodic Death Metal band.
Can you imagine the mix of Power Metal and Melodic Death Metal?! Yes, it's possible! And Psychophobia prove this with many melodies, classic structures of the songs, modern elements and powerful rhythm section. All this ingredients makes EP really not just enjoyable, but also very interesting and original. By the way, this is the first band's stuff (after few self-released works) without keyboards and Symphonic influences.
The lyrics are about politics and religion lies, poor condition of human nature and dreams about immeasurable universe.
Recommended for fans of: In Flames, Omnium Gatherum, Shade Empire, Insomnium, Mygrainall and more!!

DRUKNROLL "Петля Мироздания / The Loop Of World Creation" /Digital EP/ 2015 /NEW/
(Modern Heavy Metal)

First EP by Russian Modern Heavy Metal band.
On the eve of its fourth full-length album Druknroll decided to please their fans with two new tracks and a cover-song of In Flames!
... And here you are again, with grandma at the Philharmonic - on piano concert by P. I. Koniakovski. It takes a few seconds and a huge thrash gush of speed heavy guitar-bass-drum-keys pressure sweeps everything in its path and the powerful vocals only enhance this chaos! And somewhere nearby heard granny’s hellscream: "Enough rockin'!!!"...
The mixture of high-speed styles – Symphonic, Melodic, Progressive, Alternative, Thrash, MDM... etc. Speed Metal organically interlaces with the melodic choir choruses and your brain wants to burst out; you open your eyes and... theatre sees you out with last notes of a symphonic orchestra.
Very positive music in general, really fresh and extraordinary style, by one word - the Light Metal!
For fans of such bands as: Children Of Bodom, Soilwork, Mercenary, Degradead, Dark Tranquillity, Svartstorm and especially In Flames!!


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