[news] Torrid Husk / End - Swallow Matewan (split 2016)

Torrid Husk / End - Swallow Matewan (split 2016)

Grimoire Records

Here is an amazing full-length split between West Virginia's Torrid Husk, and Athens' End. The below review said it better than we ever could..

"This September sees Grimoire striking split gold again, this time pairing Torrid Husk’s swarming ferocity with Hellenic black metal group End‘s stately grandeur. The resulting split, Swallow Matewan, is a triumph of raw fury fettered to peerless vision." - Toiletovhell.com

Here's where you can check it out and grab a copy:

Euro customers! Save money on shipping and pre-order your cassette through Monotonstudio Records: monotonstudio.tictail.com/product/torrid-husk-end-swallow-matewan-cs-pre-order

here is more :

"Fans of the band will immediately note that Torrid Husk have wasted no second over the last two years honing their song craft. With the addition of new guitarist Miles, Tyler (guitar, vocals, synth), Tony (drums), and Jon (bass, synth), have refined their sound into a sharper, more robust art that stands head and shoulders above their already excellent work on Crawling Mountain Apogee." Toiletofhell.com

Regarding End's contribution, No Clean Singing describes their side of the split as "an enthralling piece of music with dense, creative textures and shifting moods. It invites repeated listens, not only because it’s so seductive but also because one listen alone won’t reveal all of its depths."

Swallow Matewan is available 9/23 on limited edition CD, pro-cassette from Grimoire Records, featuring gorgeous artwork by the Italian painter Sergio Padovani.

This album will also be available on digital platforms such as Spotify and iTunes worldwide, on Friday the 23rd. Euro vinyl and cassette releases are forthcoming from Arcane Angels (LP) and Monotonstudio Records (CS).



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