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GARDEN OF GRIEF nouvel album Endstation [news]

Le one man band Garden Of Grief (black metal - ambient) a finalisé son dernier album Endstation. L'album sortira en format physique est le groupe a démarré une campagne de financement participatif pour mener à bien ce projet.

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After more than 3 years the new album of the Austrian one-man-band GARDEN OF GRIEF is finally finished. Over one hour of powerful black metal, more brutal than ever before yet still delivering a breathtaking melancholic atmosphere! For the release the band has planned something special because it should not just be another standard underground release with the usual production.

With your support the album will be produced as a pressed CD with artwork made by a great Serbian artist, booklet printed on raw paper and if possible even with a raw cardboard case to put the CD in. Relief print on that cardboard case is also a possibility!

Of course all these things have certain minimum amounts to order and so it's going to be really expensive (for a one-man-band) - it's not going to work if maybe only 20 people are willing to buy it in the end. To see how anticipated the album really is we have a campaign on in which you can show your support by pledging money for either the CD alone or various packages with really exclusive and limited merch items (which would otherwise not be produced at all). If the project fails you won't pay anything at all but also the album won't be produced. If it's successful you get all the items you pledged for, shipped to your address without any further costs!

Please have a look at the campaign by following this link:

To give you some idea on why you should support GARDEN OF GRIEF and the new album, here is a album preview which speaks for itsself:



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