Resumed – New signing and debut album ‘Alienations’ [news]

RESUMED – Alinations - Bakerteam Records 
1 December 2014


Founded in 2007 with the name Holy Terror, Resumed produced their first demo under the new moniker in 2009, which eventually led them to the completion of the band’s debut album ‘Alienations’. The following year saw Resumed focusing on their live activity and, in the meantime, signed a deal with Bakerteam Records for the release of the album.  ‘Alienations’ is a massive piece of old-school technical death metal, enriched with many musical contaminations coming from jazz, fusion, funk and latin music, progressive atmospheres and “virtuoso” playing. A set of 8 tracks, each song deals with a particular distortion of the human psyche. ‘Alienations’ was produced by the band’s own drummer Filippo Tirabassi at FG Music Studio and in Sulmona, Italy.

Debut album for the young talented band
A massive piece of old-school technical death metal with jazz, fusion, funk and latin music influences, progressive atmospheres and “virtuoso” playing  


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