[news] Panzerkreuzer - Aurora (2015)

Panzerkreuzer - Aurora

Death Metal

The long awaited debut album "Aurora" from the German Death Metal band PanzerkreuzeR will be out on Endwar Records on 6th of June 2015.
Since its launch in Dresden 2012, the band is delivering what the name demands: Equipped with superior firepower, the raw strength of several steam engines and thick armour plates, this armoured cruiser fires the heaviest Death Metal in the vein of Cianide or Bolt Thrower into every crowd, where anchoring. As far as known, this beast has no natural enemies!!

1. New Chelovek 5:39
2. Aurora 4:30
3. Total Denial 8:12
4. Interludium 3:31
5. Damnatio Memoriae 6:24
6. Red Flame 5:45
7. Armoured Fist 8:15