BEARSTORM Americanus is out today June 30 on Grimoire Records. If you missed it, they play a progressive black death style of metal or "Blackened Southern Death Prog" as the band likes to describe themselves as.

What some have said so far:
"I'm confident you'll come away just as impressed and interested in their unique merger of ideas as I am" - No Clean Singing 

"The two biggest forces that battle eachother out during Americanus are that of black metal and prog...kudos to Bearstorm for their innovation" - Dead Rhetoric

"I like an adventure, and the music on "Americanus" keeps me wide awake and wondering what's next, even on subsequent listens"  - Meat Mead Metal

"such amazing music, technical brilliance, highly melodic very well structured, beautiful elements blend with stylish guitar and bass work, each song has so much in it" - Stus Reviews


           Grimoire Records
             June 30 2015

Haunting, swirling, minimalist and progressive at the same time, Richmond, VA's BEARSTORM and their album Americanus retains the oft-mocked "grim and frostbitten" vibe while simultaneously expanding into infinite horizons. An hypnotic and harshly beautiful, tantalizing, mesmerizing progressive Black Death Metal swirl.
Their first release on Grimoire Records, BEARSTORM Americanus, spans 36 minutes and blends the "progressive inclinations of heavier post-rock with the acid spew of black metal." - No Clean Singing
BEARSTORM formed in 2008 by metalheads with backgrounds in classical and jazz performance as well as country and old time music. The goal has always been to push outwards on the normal limits of writing, performing, and storytelling.

LIKE: https://www.facebook.com/bearstormRVA
LABEL: https://www.facebook.com/GrimoireRecords

Americanus Tracklisting:
1. Glacial Relic \ Riparian Forest
2. De Soto
3. Little Portals to the Greater Sadness
4. Why we can't have nice things
5. Glacial Relic II

Michael Edwards (Vocals)
Jay Lindsey (Bass & Midi/Synth)
Patrick DeRoche(Drums)
Kelsey Miller (Guitar & Fiddle)
Greg Bates (Guitar)


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