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[news] Ghazghkull - Signs of Hate [demo 2015]


Ghazghkull - Signs of Hate [demo 2015] Morbid Shrine Productions

Ghazghkull est une one-man-band de black metal active entre 2003 et 2004 qui a publié deux démos et  un split. Aujourd'hui le label Morbid Shrine Productions propose Signs of Hate une compilation en format digital ou en cassette.

We are proud to announce that the tape “Signs of Hate” is finally out! The tape consists in a compilation of all the stuff recorded by Lord Arhawn on early 2000’s before he decided to put an end to Ghazghkull. About this theme, and much others, we will upload an exclusive interview in a couple of weeks, so stay tuned!
This tape contains almost 40 minutes of cold and misanthropic Black Metal. Limited copies! Get yours on physical pro tape for 4,50€ or get your digital copy for only 3€.
More info about the release here.

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