Ira – The syndrome of decline (2012)

Les italiens de Ira sortiront leur premier album THE SYNDROME of DECLINE très prochainement. Le groupe évolue dans un death metal technique, mélodique et très poussé.

Ira – The syndrome of decline

Ira – The syndrome of decline (2012)
  1. Lost in Pain
  2. Emotionless
  3. Un-Existence
  4. Occult Doctrine Pt. 1 (Hidden Reality)
  5. Occult Doctrine Pt. 2 (The Creature)
  6. Occult Doctrine Pt. 3 (Calm Before the Storms)
  7. Occult Doctrine Pt. 4 (Past Returns)
  8. Searching Myself
  9. No Hope

Biographie (source The IRA band came together in late 1997 when guitarist/vocalist Giuseppe “Rex” Caruso and his brother/guitarist Alex Caruso got together with drummer Mattia Sciutti. Two years of settlement and the trio record a studio demo called “Urna” (2000). For years later the band release their second demo “Chaotic Regression”(2005) and performed with local bands in “Titans of thrash” with Carnal Forge.
During a crisis the band decide to renovate with a new line up, recruited Marco Frigatti as bass guitar and Silvano Bianchi as second guitar. In very few time Ira came back on stage and performed at “Black in mind Fest” with the Node. Their show had an enthusiastic impact on the people and some reviews compared them to the band ‘father’ of death metal, the Death.
In 2006, Ira released “Dawn of world redemption”, which is considered a more technical and progressive album receiving many accolades on well-known fanzines like “Rock Sound”, “ Metal Shock”, “Metal Hammer” and “Rock Hard”. After that the band had the opportunity to participate at some interviews on local radio. Unluckily, in March 2008, Marco Frigatti had to leave the band for personal problems; the band later recruited Euro Ribigini as new bass player. Six months later, Mattia Sciutti and Silvano Bianchi decided to follow their personal projects, leaving their place to the return of Alex Caruso (drums) and the new entry Chris Scorziello (guitars).