Green Day - One fuc*ing minute

Green Day lost 20 minutes of their set to Usher and Billie Joe freaked out on stage

Billie Joe Armstrong

Green Day's lead singer Billie Joe Armstrong put on quite the show during the 2012 iHeartRadio Music Festival, but it wasn't during the concert, it was after Green Day's set was cut short, according to TMZ reports on Sept. 22.

The celebrity news site reveals that Armstrong became so enraged that his set was cut short because the show was running over that he went berserk, screaming obscenities out to the crowd and smashing his guitar before angrily stomping off the stage.

TMZ stated that the show was apparently running about 25 minutes behind, and instead of letting the show go later, iHeartRadio organizers made the decision to cut Green Day's show.

"Oh, fuck this shit. I'm gonna play a fucking new song. Fuck this shit. Give me a fucking break. One minute left. One minute fucking left. You're gonna give me one fucking minute? Look at that fucking sign right there — one minute. Let me fucking tell you something, let me tell you something, I've been around since fucking 198-fucking-8. And you're gonna give me one fucking minute? You've gotta be fucking kidding me! You're fucking kidding me. What the fuck! I'm not fucking Justin Bieber, you motherfuckers. You've gotta be fucking joking. This is a fucking joke. I got one minute — one minute left. Oh, now I got nothing left. Let me show you what one fucking minute fucking means. [smashes guitar] One minute. God fucking love you all. We'll be back."