Eye Of Solitude - Canto III (2013) streaming, détails, pre-order [news]

Eye Of Solitude, groupe londonien de death / doom va sortir son nouvel album Canto III le 25 novembre via le label Kaotoxin Records. Cet album est disponible en streaming en exclivité via Terrorizer. La première édition du cd se présente en trois panels, double digipack cd limité à 1000 exemplaires avec  bonus tracks dont l'Ep The Deceit. On peut pré-commander l'album en format numérique ici et en format physique ici.

Eye Of Solitude - Canto III (2013)

1. Act I: Between Two Worlds (Occularis Infernum) 
2. Act II: Where the Descent Began 
3. Act III: He Who Willingly Suffers 
4. Act IV: The Pathway Had Been Lost 
5. Act V: I Sat in Silence 
6. Act VI: In the Desert Vast 

1-3 taken from The Deceit EP
4-6 taken from Awoken by Crows EP
* featuring Arno Strobl (Carnival In Coal, 6 :33, We All Die (Laughing)) and Déhà (Maladie, Coag, Imber Luminis, Yhdarl, We All Die (Laughing))
** remastered from the band’s debut full-length, The Ghost (out of print)
*** bonus CD-ROM music video. Song taken Sui Caedere.

Line up:

Daniel Neagoe – vocals (Unfathomable Ruination)
Indee Rehal-Sagoo – guitars
Mark Antoniades – guitars (Sidious)
Chris Davies – bass (Sidious)
Pedro Caballero-Clemente – keyboards
Adriano Ferraro – drums