Debemur Morti - offres et prix d'enfer [news]

En attendant ses nouvelles sorties, le label Debemur Morti propose plusieurs albums à des prix très actractifs. Lancez-vous. Les produits sont vraiment de qualité et l'envoi est rapide et soigné.

"The end of the year will be busy at Debemur Morti with new releases from SONS OF CROM, AEVANGELIST, MANES and BLUT AUS NORD. We need to clear our storage room to welcome these new jewels as well as new merchandising. We have a lot of killer stuff in the works for you guys.

Therefore, most of the old stuff (CDs, vinyls, merchandising) is at reduced priced (CDs at 3 EUR, vinyls at 9.99, hoodies at 29.99 etc...).

We're also offering a 10xCD mixed bag as well as a 5xLP mixed bag at dirt cheap price ! Unless you're ordering with friends, we DO NOT recommend ordering multiple copies of these bags because you'll end up with duplicates.

Enough said for now. I'll send some more news by next week.
In the meanwhile, head to, help us free some room and take the opportunity to get some awesome stuff at low price !


::Debemur Morti Productions::








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