CHAOS (India) - Violent Redemption (2015) [news]

Some of you might be familiar with this band. The thing is, after having the CDs completely sold out, we're planning for a reissue of the classic 'Violent Redemption' album whose release date will now be January 5th, 2015. No harm in sending out the promos earlier of this band - thrash doesn't get old.

CHAOS (India) - Violent Redemption (Pure Thrash Metal, January 5th, 2015, Transcending Obscurity Distribution)

Chaos leads the thrash metal scene in the country. From Kerala, India, the band quickly rose from its small origins in the south coastal region to something that's become synonymous with thrash. The guys live, breathe and ooze metal almost, and the music says it all. Chaos is doing its own thing, turning a blind eye to the trends these days, keeping the vision pure and undiluted and not going for either the old school appeal nor the metalcore/djent style. This is the kind of thrash Indians grew up listening to and for many kids today, it remains just as impactful as Slayer, Metallica, Kreator, Sodom and even Pantera were for us.

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Chaos won two radio awards in Mumbai - the Jury's choice and People's choice in the Metal category.
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Chaos will be releasing its second full length album mostly late next year via Transcending Obscurity India. The label has released a T-shirt limited to 150 nos. (just about 30 remain now - so hurry if you're interested!) inspired by the song 'Blacklash' -

Lastly, Chaos will be headlining the Catatonia fest -




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