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ENCOFFINATION - III - Hear Me, O' Death (2014) [news]

American death/doom duo, ENCOFFINATION, have just released their newest album through Selfmadegod Records.

The third full length entitled “III - Hear Me, O' Death (Sing Thou Wretched Choirs)” is an album that takes ENCOFFINATION’s tar-encrusted tones, slow-motion seismic rhythms and soulless, guttural conjuring to their most claustrophobic levels to date. The follow-up to their 2011-released “O’ Hell, Shine in Thy Whited Sepulchres”, the cross-country based duo takes the rotted deathcrush into more occult territory, and implement some of the most ghoulish, slug-paced funeral death to ever be recorded. Constructed over a full year, the album was recorded in various sessions throughout 2013, the drums recorded at Universal Sound in San Diego, California, and the rest at Graf Yairden in Atlanta. Funeral vocal choirs, organs and other elements influence the flow of the album, making this one of the most harrowing releases of the year, no only one of the most slowly destructive.


1. Processional – Opvs Thanatologia
2. Charnel Bowels of a Putrescent Earth
3. Cemeteries of Purgation
4. Crowned Icons
5. Rotting Immemorial
6. From His Holy Cup, Drink; Come Death
7. Pale Voices
8. Mould of Abandonment

Formed in 2008 by drummer Elektrokutioner (Black Pentagram Cult, Father Befouled, Festered, Scaremaker, etc.) and guitarist/bassist/vocalist Ghoat (Father Befouled, Festered, Vomitchapel, ex-Hills of Sefiroth, etc.), ENCOFFINATION perpetuates a suffocating style of slow-motion, dirge-infused death metal with funeral doom bleakness.

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