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FIMBULVET – Frostbrand-Eines Bildnis Tracht (2014) [news]

Fimbulvet sortira le 31 octobre son nouvel album Frostbrand-Eines Bildnis Tracht via

Einheit Produktionen

Epic whispers of the wind before the great roll of thunder. This aptly describes the music of the Thuringian four-piece. With lots of attack, sophisticated riffing and heroic melodies Fimbulvet irresistibly burst forward through Metal scene. After more than ten years of existence, they offer their very own interpretation of primordial Pagan Metal today. Without hesitation they specifically applyseveral elements from Power and Thrash Metal.

Frostbrand - Eines Bildnis Tracht - CD
1. Intro
2. Eines Bildnis Tracht          
3. Totenbeschwörer   
4. Uralt           
5. Wüste Wahnsinn    
6. Hexenwerk
7. Brüder Im Geiste   
8. Fesseln Der Asche
9. Monument  
10. Gratwanderer 

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