Fistula - Vermin Prolificus + Ignorant Weapon K7 limited [news]

Voici un bel objet qui ravira les collectionneur. Le groupe américain Fistula (sludge - doom metal) vient de sortir en cassette Vermin Prolificus + Ignorant Weapon. Cette édition est limité à 300 exemplaires (100 en black, 100 en smoke (noir délavé) et 100 en red et disponible via the omega order.
On peut voir aussi le site du label qui propose les K7 : Patac Records

pour commander / to order :

K7 red

K7 black

K7 smoke

Fistula are currently active heavy punk,sludge,hardcore band, having experienced a number of line-up changes throughout the years. They are a filthy class-act in the sludge arena indeed, heralding former – as well as ex- members and current members – affiliated with bands such as Morbid Wizard, Disease Concept, Sollubi, Rue, Accept Death and Sloth (US).

With the output of unique and varied sound both have to offer, the Ohio and Massachusetts scene reminds me of the close ties members of various well known New Orleans bands have in common, often sharing the same members in any given outfit. Fistula aren’t your run-of-the-mill sludgers, with their fast paced take on the genre, they would definitely appeal to crust/punk fans as well.

You get psychotic vocals, thickly layered sludge riffs, and an overall gritty sound that picks up in speed at unpredictable moments. Lyrically, their sick and indifferent attitude shines through nicely, with easily audible vocals on most tracks, and the point they are trying to convey is observable in song-title alone. Mostly dealing with topics of suffering, failure, addiction, religion and other hardships in life.

Vermin Prolificus Side:
1. Smoke Cat Hair & Toenails
2. Harmful Situation
3. Pig Funeral
4. Sobriety
5. Upside Down
6. Vermin Prolificus
7. Goat Brothel

Ignorant Weapon Side:
1. Wood Glue
3. This Is Sodom Not L.A.
4. Destroy The Handicapped (Fang Cover)
5. I Love Nothing (GG Allin + Antiseen Cover)
6. Ladies In Leather (Overkill L.A. Cover)
7. Life Of My Own (Cro-Mags Cover)


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