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Imago Mortis - Carnicon (2014) [news]

Les nouvel album des italiens de Imago Mortis (black metal) se nomme Carnicon et sortira vers la mi-octobre via Drakkar Productions.


Carnicon: the new offertory of Imago Mortis

A shadow moves among the graves... a waxy hand caresses nameless tombstones... its deep and grim voice proclaims that evil is coming back... the gates are open on the beyond. It sees the black congregation carry a new coffin... its name will be "Carnicon", an ancient word that conjures the graves of the common people destitute and far from the comfort of light.

There will be five souls chosen that will narrate their unholy existence... Helena de Ghislanantiis, witch and harlot, burned and beheaded for being joined with the Devil, the “scapigliato” novice who decides to embrace the occult arts, populate the unbeliever that is haunting the moors during Halloween, the suicidal agony in describing his latest visions and desires, the defrocked who became powerful Necromancer who enchants the underprivileged with his beauty and stories...

"Carnicon" will be distilled from the wisdom of alchemy by Drakkar Productions in CD format.

When above you, you see flocks of witches in the air obscuring the full moon... that will be the time of the great nocturnal convention...

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