DEATH COMES PALE (Denmark) - nouvel album [news]

DEATH COMES PALE (Denmark) - World Grave (Death Metal, September 30th, 2014, Deepsend Records)

Here's some trademark Deepsend Records stuff which seems to specialize in Danish death metal like Corpus Mortale, The Cleansing, Spectral Mortuary, Ferocity, Deus Otiosus and others. Ace stuff.

The lowdown - Danish death metal is usually more straightforward, hard-hitting and eschews trends like playing brutal/slammy death metal or something overly technical and flashy. It's a good thing because we've got a ton of these kinds of bands anyway and we need ones to do it somewhat traditionally while keeping it relevant. The precision, speed and indeed execution of Danish death metal bands you will find to be top-notch, better than bands from anywhere else. It started off with the semi-legendary Iniquity (pre-Corpus Mortale almost), Panzerchrist (circa 'Soul Collecter' which was genius) and Konkhra which paved the way in the past.

DEATH COMES PALE (Denmark) - World Grave (Death Metal, September 30th, 2014, Deepsend Records)

Deepsend Records has unearthed yet another gem from the Danish underground - Death Comes Pale. This band is incisive, trailblazing almost in the way it merges traditional and modern (without the obvious nods to any other mutated core form of music) death metal and leaves little room for anything else. It's like a sci-fi bullet train if you will, sentient only to an extent but gets the job done in an impressive manner. This is unrelenting, brutal in a way that it could be interchanged with vicious, and hellbent to wreak havoc. It has shades of darkness, an undercurrent of pain-inducing melodies running parallel to the raging locomotive-on-fire death metal music.

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