«Monsters!» Maintain the quarantine! – Kaotxin Records (2014)

«Monsters!» invasion! Maintain the quarantine! – Kaotxin  (2014)

Six Grindcore bands -TOTAL FUCKING DESTRUCTION (feat. Richard Hoak and Dan O’Hare also of BRUTAL TRUTH), DEPARTMENT OF CORRECTION, C.O.A.G (half of WE ALL DIE (laughing)), MISERABLE FAILURE, UNSU and INFECTED SOCIETY- teaming together to feed upon the rotting carcass of so-called civilization, each with its very own tools, in its very own way.

Metal and Jazz influences for Total Fucking Destruction, Mathcore for Department Of Correction, Black Metal for C.O.A.G, pure hate, scorn and disgust for Miserable Failure, Groove and Northern Grind for Unsu, Metal and Hardcore for Infected Society, each one of these six Grindcore monsters has its very own background, its very own identity, its very own weapons, but they altogether have a goal: crush and destroy what we call humanity!

Coming as a 1.000 copies strictly limited edition DigiSleeve CD, “Monsters! (six of a kind)” is a 23 tracks / 27 minutes, 100% previously unreleased*, monstruous Grinding six** ways split CD mastered by Dan O’Hare (Brutal Truth, Total Fucking Destruction) at the Mark-it-Zero studio (XXX Maniak, Rumpelstilskin Grinder, “In Grindo Veritas“, “Snuff Fetish Infection“…) that’s sure to please fans of Kaotoxin’s previously released Grindcore splits or compilations such as “In Grindo Veritas” or “Miserable Fucking Society“. It also features three bonus music videos as a CD-ROM track (by Infected Society, Total Fucking Destruction and Unsu).

Preorders started March 11th, 2014 along with the brand new "Die" t-shirt and girlie by MISERABLE FAILURE and release date is set to April 15th, 2014 worldwiand de.
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