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[news] EYE OF SOLITUDE - Dear Insanity (2014)

EYE OF SOLITUDE - Dear Insanity - Kaotoxin (2014)

Cat.#: TOX042
Skepticism, My Dying Bride, Shape of Despair…
- 03.NOV: preorders (
- 24.NOV: FR (Season of Mist)
- 01.DEC: EU (PHD)
- 02.DEC: N. America (MVD) & digital
UK masters of everything dark and heavy are back with an extremely limited blacker than black collector EP!

Since the release of their debut (Kaotoxin) full-length, “Sui Caedere”, EYE OF SOLITUDE have always explored new territories with each and every release. From the monolithic yet at times Gothic Metal-ish “Sui Caedere” to the Dante’s “Inferno”-based  theatrical play of “Canto III” (Kaotoxin’s best-seller to date!), or with their 2013 EP, “The Deceit” which featured guest vocals by both WE ALL DIE (LAUGHING) vocalists Arno Strobl (CinC / Carnival In Coal, 6:33…) and Déhà (COAG, Maladie…), the brand new EP, “Dear Insanity”, is no exception, seeing the band enter the darkest part of their desolate world for a 50 minutes long single song, a funeral veil of misery, agony and loss.

The loss of beloved ones, the loss of sanity, the feeling of being lost in a mental labyrinth to which the only exit is to become mad to appease the suffering with all the anguish, anxiety and pain it involves. What if the only options to choose from are either feeling infinite pain or loosing your mind to avoid the suffering? There’s no light, no hope. There’s no way out and the “Solitude” in the band’s name has never got such a full musical meaning before.

Lost. Forever. This is what “Dear Insanity” is all about: a transformation, a passage, a slow-motion fall from the celestial grace of the opening minutes into a bottomless downward spiral to the most abyssal darkness. But remember, despite it’s incredible length for a single song (nearly 50 minutes!), “Dear Insanity” is to be considered as an EP and no one knows what the future will be sounding like as EYE OF SOLITUDE are all about never staying comfortable with a “recipe”. All we can expect is what has always been the very essence of the band and that is, obviously, a large part of the “Dear Insanity” basis: touching moments of absolute grace (like the 2:30 long guitar / piano duet at 37:00), blasts of extreme musical suffering (like when the full band kicks in at the beginning of the EP), the darkest of melodies and a captivating, fascinatingly both incredibly heavy and extremely majestic sense for putting feelings of unsufferable pain and profound despair into soulfull pieces of gifted musical sensitiveness.

“Dear Insanity” is not only a (extremely collector musical) gift (to the band’s fans), experiencing the whole of the 50 minutes of it, alone, in the dark, at full volume, is like being extracted from this world of pain and be one with the majestic grace of being lost in yourself, saying goodbye to what once was your sanity.

Transcendence made music.
- The return of Kaotoxin’s best-selling artists with an extremely limited collector EP
- 500 copies collector EP on CD with NO repress (3 panels DigiSleeve)
- 100 copies collector cassette tape version with NO repress
- new merchandise line
- stunning artwork by Giannis Nakos of Remedy Arts Design (Sidious)
- Euro tour with Saturnus and Marche Funèbre in March 2015
- exclusive full-stream premiere at Terrorizer magazine (Nov.03)
- Daniel N.: vocals
- Mark Antoniades: guitars
- Chris Davies: bass
- Adriano Ferraro: drums
- 2015 - "The Ghost 2015" (working title)
- 2015 - split w/ Faal
- 2014 - Dear Insanity
- 2013 - Canto III (full length)
- 2013 - The Deceit (digital EP feat. We All Die (laughing))
- 2012 - Sui Caedere (full length)
- 2012 - Awoken by Crows (digital EP)
- 2011 - The Ghost (full length, soldout)
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