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[news] FIRTAN - Niedergang (2014)

FIRTAN - Niedergang (2014) -


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Since 2010 Firtan from Southern Germany has been combining influences from a variety of musical genres into a raw, driving and yet cinematic sound that provides thesoundtrack to existential themes concerning man, nature, loss and death.
After releasing their first EP "Wogen der Trauer" in early 2013 the melodic tone of themusic changed to become increasingly dark and complex.
At the same time Firtan continued to formulate their sonic vision with their concept album "Niedergang". Elements from Black and Pagan Metal to Progressive- and Post-Rock alongside orchestral sounds create a captivating atmosphere which is supported by intensive and emotional vocal performances.
Poems by old German philosophers like Hegel or Vischer that are woven into the album concept and paintings of artist Larissa Kraus shape the lyrical and visual aesthetic of the band.
With intense performances and the new material Firtan appeared at many german festivals in 2014, including Ragnarök Festival, sharing the stage with bands like Finntroll, Satyricon or Endstille.

A few press commentaries:
Blast: "Between desperate, lamenting Black Metal parts, elements from the fields of Pagan, Progressive Metal and even Post Rock shine through, which underline the class of the top-notch compositions adding even more depth…" (Marlis Wimmerer) "One of the most important newcomers of the year!" (Hang Mai Le 9/10 points)
Legacy: "A manifesto!" (FS Hain 13/15 points) "Up to now THE surprise of the year for me! " (Asgrimur 9/10 points)

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