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[news] ATRUM TEMPESTAS (Finland) - Neant (2014)


Here's some tingling black metal for your soul. It's atmospheric, expansive and soothing in a way. Check it out! It's recently out on the high quality upcoming label Nordavind Records.

ATRUM TEMPESTAS (Finland) - Neant (Atmospheric Black Metal, October 13th 2014, Nordavind Records)

This is beautiful black metal. It is evocative of the finer moments of your life and as it is with any form of reminiscing, it's partially wistful as well. Musically, it's comparable to Woods of Desolation, Austere, even Alcest but the music is more elegant than overly emotional. Atrum Tempestas maintain a crisp balance in the sound, taking the best of both realms so to speak. It's atmospheric and relies on your imagination to an extent while guiding you through a bleak palette of the colours of life. The three songs are consistent and yet different, portraying something tangible to the heart, something that doesn't wear off soon. This is a sublime debut full length album from members of the veteran band Catamenia and Ars Preasagus.

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