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(news] Fetid Zombie - Grotesque Creation

 Fetid Zombie - Grotesque Creation

Metalhit/Morbid Visions Release 24 February 2015

Fetid Zombie, the brainchild of the legendary artist and long time musician Mark Riddick, releases its latest and by far best album. While the band is known for its hard-hitting old school death metal with strains of classic metal, wrapped up in an enviable dark aesthetic, Fetid Zombie takes it to another level with the latest album titled 'Grotesque Creation'. Death metal needed this. Too much soul and passion have been sacrificed for mindless brutality and speed. Fetid Zombie goes back in time, summoning spirits (literally) pertaining to the long-cherished Greek sound - Mark Riddick has guest musicians contributing to every song and belonging to a notable and relevant background, members of ROTTING CHRIST, VARATHRON, NECROMANTIA, HORRENDOUS, ARSIS, CRUCIFIED MORTALS, ZEMIAL, THOU ART LORD, SOULSKILLER, SVIERG, WAXEN, SWAMP and YAMATU. The vision remains unparalleled and undiluted. The intention is served. Death metal with emphasis on classic riffing and a Greek wickedness in sound to boot. This is one of the most exciting albums in this genre.

 Track listing -
1. Entombed Existence [Guest vocals by Damian Herring (HORRENDOUS) / Guest acoustic guitar by Josh Fleischer (SVIERG)]
2. Into the Unknown [Guest rhythm guitar and solo by Josh Fleischer (SVIERG) / Guest vocals by Gothmog (SOULSKINNER/THOU ART LORD)]
3. Grotesque Creation [Guest vocals by Necromayhem (ROTTING CHRIST) / Guest guitar solos by Toby Knapp (WAXEN)]
4. Razor-Sharp Attack [Guest vocals by Reaper (CRUCIFIED MORTALS)]
5. The Way of Mortality [Guest guitar solos by Toby Knapp (WAXEN)]
6. Utterance of Doom (featuring Microcosm) [Guest guitar solo by Michael Riddick (YAMATU) / "Microcosm" all instruments by Vorskaath (ZEMIAL)]
7. Death's Pallor [Guest guitar solos by El (SOULSKINNER/THOU ART LORD) / Guest vocals by Necroabyssious (VARATHRON) / Guest vocals by Magus (NECROMANTIA)]
8. Morbid Premonition [Guest vocals by Nyarlathotep (SWAMP) / Guest rhythm guitar by El (SOULSKINNER/THOU ART LORD)]
9. The Outstretched Hand of Rotten Death [Guest vocals and guitar solo #1 by James Malone (ARSIS) / Guest guitar solo #2 by Toby Knapp (WAXEN) / Guest keyboards by Michael Riddick (YAMATU)]

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