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[news] THE KILL (Australia) - Kill Them...All (Blastasfuk Records)

THE KILL (Australia) - Kill Them...All (Blastasfuk Records, January 3rd, 2015, Grindcore)

The Kill are out to obliterate them all. All. The band quickly rose to become one of the most respected grindcore acts in the underground and the latest album leaves no doubt. 'Kill Them...All' is as intense as the band's previous outputs but the aggression is tempered with better riffs, superior production and a vitriolic thrash edge, forming a bond that will have everyone scarred for life. The music is reminiscent of the peak works of NASUM, ROTTEN SOUND, P.L.F. and INSECT WARFARE, ranking among the very best in the genre in recent times. The music is a relentless grinding affair, laden with infectious riffs and flesh-snaring hooks, topped off with the trademark Australian touch of humour and unabashed confidence.

This comes on the heels of outstanding releases on Blastasfuk Records (run by The Kill member Roby) of bands like SUPER HAPPY FUN SLIDE, P.L.F. and INTERNAL ROT.

Enjoy! And burn!

Blastasfuk Records -

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