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[news] Label Digimetalworld - updates

Here is the updates about artists of Digimetalworld Label

MERIDIAN - Midnight Train
‘Midnight Train’ is the promo single for the upcoming album of the Chilean heavy metal band MERIDIAN. This is one of the side projects of the VASTATOR’s vocalist Sr. Diaz.

QUEMASANTOS - Somos Legion
Quemasantos is the Spanish version of the NY band Pirosaint, features all its members + Sr. Diaz of Vastator. The whole idea of this project is to create Metal Music in Spanish.

This is the second delivery made by this international project. All Angels Massacre features Region Silva (Masterpiece) on Guitars, Ignacio Figueroa (Naioth) on Bass/Vocals and Ignacio Orellana (Pirosaint) on Drums.

MIERDASTER - Sangrando
The album ‘Sangrando’ was released before ‘La Furia (2012). On this album the Mierdaster was getting closer to what it is today, contains a different line, but maintains the power and the rage of the actual line up.

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