[news] Anarkey - The Undead (1991)

When I was younger I used to play guitare with a friend of mine, Luca D. I found a demo with some titles that we recorded in 1991. The demo has not title so we fixed it on Demo 1991. Our band named Anarkey. One of this song was The Undead. 
The song is inspired by Vlad Tepes, known as Vlad III, Prince of Wallachia, Dracula too.
The artwork is taken from english wikipedia page aboout Vlad The Impaler (Transylvanian Saxon engraving from 1462 depicting Vlad Țepeș).

You can listen to it, but put THE VOLUME HIGH !
(It's a raw demo !)

Anarkey were Wanderer (vocals and guitar), Luca D (guitar)
lyrics by Wanderer
music by Luca D


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