[news] BALMOG (Spain) - Necroangels' Revelations (Black Metal, February 5th 2015, BlackSeed Productions)

It's been a while since I heard black metal with such determination and undiluted passion. Most of the music peddled these days is either too self-conscious or contrived - the flair, the art, so to speak, was missing - until now. BALMOG from Spain, featuring members of reputed underground acts like BANISHED FROM INFERNO, MARTHYRIUM, WITCHFYRE and others, have put together three epic songs, pure and hard-hitting. They are reminiscent of the Finnish and Norwegian black metal scenes, that fiery passion and penchant for doing it in the right way than for commercial acclaim. Musicianship isn't compromised for the sake of the ideals, as the band continues to impress and move souls with the steely vision and discipline for this black metal art. Black metal rarely sounds this satisfying and fulfilling. 


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