[news] OFFAL (Brazil) - ZOMBIE COOKBOOK (Brazil) - Split EP (2015)

OFFAL (Brazil) - ZOMBIE COOKBOOK (Brazil) - Split 7" EP (Death Metal/Gore Metal, February 25th, 2015, Black Hole Productions)

OFFAL have to be proved to be quite a force ever since the self-titled debut was unleashed unto the underground - sounds of AUTOPSY meets CARCASS propagated the tunnels back in the day much to the marvel of the salivating gorefiends. Without excessive gore-splatter, the band churned out delicious and meaty death metal with emphasis on killer catchy riffs and flesh-snaring hooks. This latest material is even better, probably the best yet, with clean riffing, upbeat tempo and a throwback to the thrashy sound in the context reminiscent of GHOUL, FRIGHTMARE and BLOOD FREAK. This is a staggering evolution of sound, originally emanating from CARCASS and taking in everything death metal and thrash metal that it could absorb along the way. The inherent Brazilian sickness in the sound is such a plus.

​ZOMBIE COOKBOOK are great a revelation, even for me. Inspired apparently by early DEATH, AUTOPSY and NECROPHAGIA, this is old school death metal with a twisted blessing. This band bypasses the gory territory and yet carries the fetid aura in the sound. The Brazilian dank flavour is intact. The songs are superbly structured, carrying blinding solos and using multiple vocal patterns to keep it intense. Again, there's this thrashy edge that makes the difference and it's not undecipherable brutal/guttural death metal that's taking place here. ZOMBIE COOKBOOK hold a ton of promise and are bound to be added on your mental list of favourite death metal band discoveries. 


These two bands are carrying the flame of underground death metal/goregrind and are doing everything right in my book. Both are from Brazil, having members of LYMPHATIC PHLEGM, NEURO-VISCERAL EXHUMATION (OFFAL) and FLESH GRINDER (ZOMBIE COOKBOOK). 

Track List - 
OFFAL - Dementia Trash. The Cult Of The Low-budget Cin. 04:13
OFFAL - Spinal Extractions Fiend For Blood 00:45
ZOMBIE COOKBOOK - Motel Hell 03:58
ZOMBIE COOKBOOK - Eredità Maledetta 02:00


BLACK HOLE PRODUCTIONS - http://blackholeprods.com/
BHP FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/blackholeproductions
OFFAL FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/offalgore
ZOMBIE COOKBOOK FACEBOOK - https://www.facebook.com/zcbofficial


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