[news] Vic Records announce furthcoming albums (Officium Triste, Korsakov, Cromm Cruac, Bluuurgh)

OFFICIUM TRISTE is one of the oldest (and leading) Dutch doom / death metal bands. Originally formed as a death metal band under the name Reincremated. They split up and restarted as OFFICIUM TRISTE in April 1994 and released 5 full length albums and several split albums and  EP’s so far. ‘Reason’ was originally released by the now defunct Displeased Records in 2004 and is considered to be the highlight of OFICIUM TRISTE’s output by many. The five songs on this album display dark moods and outstanding melodies. The album has been out of print for a while now and is now reissued as a digipack with additional liner notes from vocalist Pim Blankenstein (also in The 11th Hour) Officium Triste means something like a sad service, referring to a funeral. OFFICUIM TRISTE is influenced by (old) Paradise Lost, Anathema, My Dying Bride, Katatonia, Celestial Season and Chorus of Ruin. Dutch doom / death metal deluxe! 


KORSAKOV was cult underground death metal from The Netherlands and was formed in the late 80’s. KORSAKOV recorded three demos: ’Hangover Hero’s’ (1989),  ‘Radiation Exposure’ (1991) and ‘Prolong The Agony’ (1994). The 3rd demo was recorded at Franky’s Recordings Kitchen with Berthus Westerhuys (God Dethroned, Asphyx, Severe Torture). All tracks are remastered by KORSAKOV’s guitar player David Kox (nowadays member of  Dutch progressive metallers KONG). The booklet contains extensive liner notes, rare band pics and flyers. Cover art by Juanjo Castellano (Bodyfarm, Paganizer, Avulsed, Vomitory).  Jason Kohnen (Bluuurgh, Celestial Season, Orphanage) joined on vocals on the 3rd demo and is now well know by his stage name Bong-Ra.


Melodic / technical death metal band CROMM CRUAC was fromed in 1992 in the eastern part of Holland. CROMM CRUAC released 3 demos and 3 full length albums so far and is still active today. The CROMM CRUAC debut album ‘Senecio’ was recorded and mixed in the Summer of 1998 at Harrow Productions, The Netherlands and produced by Harry Wijering (Asphyx, Soulburn, Pentacle etc etc).  The re-issue of ‘Senecio’ contains an overview of their demos as well. CROMM CRUAC progressed from a pure underground death metal band into a melodic and technical death metal act as they show on their debut album ‘Senecio’. The newly designed booklet contains rare old pictures flyers and liner notes. (Cromm Cruac(h) was a god of pre-Christian Ireland. According to Christian writers, he was propitiated with human sacrifice and his worship was ended by Saint Patrick)


BLUUURGH was one of the first Dutch extreme metal bands featuring Jason Kohnen (Korsakov, Celestial Season, Orphanage, nowadays Bong Ra) with his charismatic extreme vocals. BLUURGH recorded 2 demos, one e.p. and a full length in the late 80’s /early 90’s. Their debut album ‘In My Embarce’ is now finally re-issued, this time under the ’new’ monicker ‘Suffer Within, 25 years of suffering’.  Bonus to the album comes the legendary ‘Suffer Within’ EP (1990), directly taken from one of the original EP’s, including the good old vinyl scratches to preserve the old school underground feeling. The album is completely remasterd by Bong Ra ( = Jason Kohnen’s breakcore music stage / artist name these days). Cover and booklet art by Dutch comic artist Tom Hamel. BLUURGH was an essential band in the early Dutch death metal history, who inspired many newcomers in the extreme metal scene.


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