[news] DRYOM (Russia) - Dryom 2 (2015)

Another new Solitude Productions release, after the stunner that was MARE INFINITUM. This one is different, just as doomy but way more bleaker, atmospheric (in a sickening way) and slower, more pensive and psychological.

DRYOM (Russia) - 'Dryom 2'

Genre - Doom Metal
Release Date - April 6th, 2015
Solitude Productions

This is the second album by this mysterious supergroup, simply titled 'Dryom 2', doling out sublime atmospheric and melancholic doom. You never know what to expect. The music crawls and wallows but no one prepares you for the subtle creepy undertones and introduction of extra instruments such as harp and flute to add an air of demented hysteria to the funeral-esque environment in a harsh, cold parallel world. You mentally stumble in and out of depression and suffocation as rapidly as your winks carry the curtain of morbid gloom to come on and off. It plays tricks on you, your world in present state. But after enduring this cathartic, insightful and vicarious experience, you wouldn't know which world to belong to, which is more worse. Solitude Productions gives you one such doom album that will draw you in and turn your world, ever-so-slowly around. This is THERGOTHON, SKEPTICISM, SHAPE OF DESPAIR, TYRANNY, DOOM:VS and EA all rolled into one. With added atmosphere, bleakness and instruments.

1. Mertvyj Gorod (Translation - Dead City)
2. Risunok (Translation - Drawing)
3. Metel' (Translation - Blizzard)
4. Ona (Translation - She)