[news] ZYGNEMA (India) - Thrash Metal Juggernaut

ZYGNEMA (India) - Thrash Metal Juggernaut
This release has been highly-awaited in the Indian scene. It's not without reason. ZYGNEMA have been the frontrunners in the scene, toiling day in and day out, to build a commendable fan-following and brotherhood. They're one of the nicest guys in the scene, putting music above all, and yes, they put on a smashing performance each time. This album though rooted in thrash, has evolved sufficiently to become contemporary, technical yet laden with grooves, and hooks that will require a lobotomy to get rid off. After BHAYANAK MAUT, these guys have put out a worthy big league release from the country in recent times.

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ZYGNEMA (India) - 'What makes us Human is Obsolete'

Genre - Thrash metal with groove elements
Release Date - June 20th, 2015
Official PR courtesy - Zygnema

One of India's supreme metal forces, ZYGNEMA from Mumbai, return with a sophomore album that would lay waste most of their peers with their innovative brand of modern thrash metal laden with myriad hooks, sudden variations and earth-shattering breakdowns. Never failing to retain your attention, the energetic quartet keep things unpredictable throughout the tenure of this album which boasts of artwork done by Reuben Bhattacharya (UNDYING INC.) with guest vocals done by Sunneith Revankar (BHAYANAK MAUT) on one extended 10 minute track. ZYGNEMA aren't afraid to experiment and are also loath to let go of their intensity. These guys have a fist-pumping mechanism with a staccato delivery that would come to be known as their style and relentless tenacious hooks forming the hallmark of their music. This is an ambitious album to say the least, for the promotion of which, the members have announced a multiple-city tour all across the nation. Having previously played at the prestigious Wacken Open Air festival in Germany as well as the famed Inferno festival in Norway, garnering fanfare and rowdy applause from all over, ZYGNEMA have come a long way and are now serious to prove a point where it comes to their recorded outputs. 

Sidharth Kadadi - Guitar
Jimmy Bhore - Vocals
Leon Quadros - Bass
Mayank Sharma - Drums

2.What Makes Us Human Is Obsolete
3.Shell Broken Hell Loose
6.Invidious I
9.Reform Rebirth
10. The Phoenix Effect
11. A Design to Choose (feat. Sunneith Revankar of BHAYANAK MAUT)

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About the unique artwork -

"We are the human beings of today. A hardwired life-form, kept alive by being plugged into technology, a puppet to the framework of society, religion and propaganda, tied to structures built by those that control us. We are heartless, brainless, mindless, thoughtless, existing without free will or conscience, existing in conflict. We have forgotten that once the skin is peeled off, we are all the same color, the same mass of flesh, blood and fucking bones. We are the same enslaved race of selfish and jealous puppets that have turned our backs to the very world we burnt in the name of progress. Everything that made us 'human', free thinking and sentient is obsolete."

- Reuben Bhattacharya of Visual Amnesia, also of the band UNDYING INC. 


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