[news] Dusktone label upcoming albums september 2015

  Stellar descent - Fading (sept 2015)

Fading is an atmospheric, psychedelic, approximately hour-long black metal journey inspired by a specific event: Witnessing seemingly endless migrating water fowl at a local wildlife refuge that supports the Pacific Flyway. I found myself completely enveloped by something almost unbelievable. Infinite expanses of water fowl plastered against a blazing sky, taking to flight in huge, thunderous flocks that seemed to shake whatever lay below. The sheer numbers and sounds were like nothing I had ever imagined. Toward the evening, the sky turned a vibrant shade of yellow and orange and the coastal range turned to stark silhouette. And at that moment, it all seemed too much. I was just lost in this completely surreal, textured scene. I was faded to reality—absent drugs.
Fading was recorded in December 2014. The album consists of one approximately hour-long song. All drums, vocals, and guitars were performed and recorded by A. Field recordings are from the Pacific Flyway refuge.

Hanormale - 天照大御神 (sept 2015)

天照大御神 is a disturbed journey into your consciousness. It’s smudged, distorted and delayed beyond recognition. Whats left are traces – the ghosts and outlines of songs, trapped in a fog of white noise and overdrive – and the end result is disarmingly serene.. Using loops, cans, bins, bollards, wood, metal, plastic, piano, sax, flute, viola and other home-made instruments, HANORMALE pieced together single 40 minutes track album that is as reflective as it is mesmerizing

Terra Deep - Part Of This World, Part Of Another (sept 2015)

Part of this World, Part of Another, the upcoming third album from Terra Deep, is 5 tracks covering the spectrum from crushing heaviness, to textured atmospheres. This album also contains the two-track concept suite, “Et Lux In Tenebris Lucet”. It is a masterwork of emotive and inspired progressive black metal for fans of Enslaved, Opeth, and Exhausted Prayer.

Terra Deep was formed under emotional and existential duress in the two thousand and seventh year by the one man cloister that is M. Edwards. Drawing ceaseless influence from the misted, undulating lands of the Pacific Northwest, Edwards has masterminded a slew of material running the gamut from somber and personal acoustics to tempestuous raw black metal of the highest order. Not one to avoid curious deviations, Edwards has pursued a comprehensive genre patchwork since his debut full length Starlight Lodge. Its follow up Inamorata is a sprawling tapestry of eclectic intensity in constant touch with the cyclical nature of love and loss..



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