[news] Metal Hammer features AGAINST EVIL on its latest covermount CD compilation

Transcending Obscurity Distribution band from India playing heavy metal, Against Evil, has been featured alongside biggies like Children of Bodom, Trivium, Tesseract, My Dying Bride, Parkway Drive and others, in a first for the Indian metal scene. The great Metal Hammer magazine selected the band on merit to be featured on its latest covermount compilation CD.

Some highlights in the press so far - 

9/10 Rich Dodgin, All About the Rock (UK): "if you're a fan of real metal then you definitely need to check it out"

Islander, No Clean Singing (US): "It's got grooves, it's got melodic hooks that prove to be sharp and memorable"

85/100 Ηλίας Ιακωβόπουλος, Rock Overdose (Greece): "προβλέπεται λαμπρό και Βαρύ!"

8/10 Mark Gromen, Bravewords (Canada): "Definitely one to watch!" 

Alberto Centanari, Iye Zine (Italy): "Influenze? La New Wave Of British Heavy Metal in toto"

Ringmaster, Ringmaster Reviews (UK): "very accomplished and engaging EP"

Daniel, Metal Underground (Austria): "ist diese EP echt Klasse"

Joxe Schaefer, Crossfire Metal (Germany): "Nur Gutes verdient den Namen Heavy Metal."
Brings out the original heavy metal fan in the grumpy current you. 

AGAINST EVIL (India) - 'Fatal Assault' EP

Genre - Heavy Metal
Release Date -

Making a debut from an unknown city for metal in India, Visakhapatnam, Against Evil has created shockwaves around the world. From being the fastest selling Indian release this year, to being critically acclaimed and loved by one and all, these guys are turning the heavy metal cliche into something enjoyable once again by incorporating subtle elements from current day genres. Every song portrays a different mood, with the vibe and inherent heavy metal essence remaining intact, as the boys passionately sing their hearts out and beat the shit out of their instruments. This is the new era of heavy metal, the veritable entry point for all metalheads, and it couldn't get better than this for a debut album, for a band from a far away city, of a far away country. Under the auspices of the internationally experienced Transcending Obscurity entity, the band has been able to reach out to lusting fans and even jaded critics from around the world, making a dent in their rigid perceptions of a genre that's all but written off in this nearly heartless 21st century.

Band lineup: 
Siri - Vocals, bass
Sravan - Vocals, rhythm guitar
Shasank - Lead guitar
Noble John - Drums 

Track list:
1. Battle Call
2. The Enemy Within
3. Speedbreaker
4. Wings of Steel
5. Bulletproof
6. War Hero

Full Album Stream on Transcending Obscurity India Bandcamp

Transcending Obscurity Official Site

Transcending Obscurity Facebook

Against Evil Facebook

Transcending Obscurity - webzine, record label and PR company

AGAINST EVIL (India) - The Enemy Within (Heavy Metal)
Heavy metal for life! 


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