[news] Selvans - Lupercalia (2015)

Band: Selvans
Album: Lupercalia
Country: Italy
Style: Symphonic Folk Black metal
Label: Avantgarde Music
Release date: 25 October 2015

"Lupercalia" is the full length album by italian pagan black metal horde SELVANS; their second offering after February’s debut mini cd ‚ Clangores Plenilunio’.
After almost a year spent on the road countrywise playing tens concerts in support of the newly formed band adn the debut mini, Selvans entered again the studio to record a real complex album.
Lupercalia sees again the band dwelling between keyboards-led symphonic black metal and atmospheric folk themes although not missing, not even for a minute, their aggressive and blackmetal rooted origins.
Keyboards are again leading the italian wolves, pleasantly reminding us a certain symphonic black metal from the 90’s that nobody almost play anymore, as well as their stunning folk music parts, performed with real traditional instrumentation, that show up every now and then.
The record comes in a marvellous A5 digipack CD