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A message from Tomi / Svart Records

having just dug through our warehouse and finding out we need to make more room for releases to come, we decided to offer a few titles for sale. However, only 50 copies of each are available at sale prices. Sale lasts until October 17th or as long as the 50 copies last.

Also, we dropped prices on a heap of CDs, so there's plenty of these in our CD section at 3-5 euros a pop. We can no longer offer free shipping on CDs, so there's a modest shipping fee added if you order only CDs, but we compensated this by also dropping the price of newer titles by a few euros.

Here's the list of sale titles. Only 50 copies at this price!


Costin Chioreanu: Magic As A Golden Mean BOOK 12,00
Karanteeni: Anna Palaa, Frank!! LP 10,00
013: Takaisin todellisuuteen LP + 7" 11,00
Anti Cimex: 12" EP 9,00
Terveet Kädet: s/t mLP 8,00
Terveet Kädet: Musta jumala LP 10,00
Anti Cimex: Absolut Country of Sweden LP 10,00
Anti Cimex: Scandinavian Jawbreaker LP 10,00
Beastmilk: White Stains 7" 5,00
Beastmilk: Use Your Deluge 7" 5,00
Uhrijuhla: Jokainen on vapaa lintu LP 8,00
M.A.Numminen: Taisteluni LP 11,00
Kimi Kärki: The Bone of My Bones LP 10,00
Psyyke: 1983-1985 LP 9,00
Seven That Spells: Black Om Rising LP 10,0
Paavoharju: Joko sinä tulet LP 9,00
Kristiina Halkola: Täytyy uskaltaa LP 10,00
Messenger: Somniloquist 7" 2,00
Profetus: As All Seasons Die LP 9,00
Festerday: The Four Stages 3LP 18,00
Mordicus: Dances From Left LP + 7" 10,00
The Deathtrip: Deep Drone Master LP 10,00
Rytmihäiriö: Saatana on herra LP 9,00
Rytmihäiriö: Todellisuuden mestari LP 9,00
Forced Kill: Hard Death 7" 3,00
In Solitude: Serpents Are Rising 7" 3,00
Brutus: s/t LP 10,00
The Golden Grass: A Curious Case LP 3,00
Sleep of Monsters: Produces Reason LP 8,00
High Priest of Saturn LP 7,00
Babylon Whores: Pride of the Damned 6LP 40,00
Sink: Holy Testament 2 LP 9,00
Seremonia: s/t LP 10,00
Death SS: Night of the Witch 7" 3,00
Death SS: Profanation 7" 3,00
Death SS: Zombie / Terror 7" 3,00
Exitus: Statutum Est Hominibus Mori LP+CD 7,00
Dream Death: Back From The Dead 2LP 10,00
Goatess 2LP 10,00
Reverend Bizarre: So Long Suckers 4LP 25,00
The Black Mass 7" 3,00
Olavi Uusivirta: Preeria LP 7,00
Apollo LP + 7" 11,00
Opium Warlords :Taste My Sword 2LP 10,00
Jess and the Ancient Ones: Castaneda 10" 6,00
Rippikoulu: Ulvaja mLP 7,00
Rippikoulu: Musta seremonia LP 8,00
Vainaja: Kadotetut LP 8,00
Kingston Wall: Kingtime 2DVD 10,00
Paul Chain: Whited Sepulchres LP 5,00
Black Crucifixion: Coronation LP 6,00
Mat McNerney & Kimmo Helen: The World Is Burning LP 5,00
Church of Void: Dead Rising LP 5,00


Tomi / Svart Records



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