[news] XTREEM MUSIC - Putrevore (Death Metal Juggernaut)

XTREEM MUSIC - Putrevore (Death Metal Juggernaut)

PUTREVORE (Sweden/Spain) - 'Tentacles of Horror' 

Genre - Death Metal
Release Date -
October 10th, 2015
Official PR courtesy - Xtreem Music

The album of the year has probably arrived. We all know what a death metal machine Rogga Johansson is, and when his music meets the phlegmy throat of Dave Rotten, the sickness turns into an epidemic. This is the best form of death metal, bearing the old school essence with present day relevance, tempered to the right degree, permeated by the thick, deep and hoarse voice of Mr.Rotten. Words emanating from Mr.Rotten's throat probably have some tenuous, infected, hair-like texture, which would explain everything. The plagued thing is alive and twitching. And you are twitching with it. Death metal this simple, nay, clear in its vision, with such effectiveness cannot go unpraised. It's difficult to find faults with this. Crushing juggernaut heaviness meets lethal brain-latching riffs meets superbly enunciated growls from a demon possessed by some obscure ancient force. This encapsulates everything you love about death metal. Period. 

Album Line-up:
Dave Rotten - Vocals
Rogga Johansson - Guitars, Bass

Brynjar Helgetun - Session Drums

Juanjo Castellano - Album Artwork

Track list: 
1.    These Caverns Breed Filth  
2.    Unspeakable Madness Beckons  
3.    Gable Window Portal Pt. I  
4.    Gable Window Portal Pt. II  
5.    Through the Vortex to Aeons Past
6.    The Rotten Crawls On  
7.    Hyperborean Dreams  
8.    A Maw Surrounded by Tentacles

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