[news] LUCID RECESS (Guwahati, India) - 'Alive and Aware' (2015)

LUCID RECESS (Guwahati, India) - 'Alive and Aware' (2015)

Genre - Alternative Metal
Release Date - November 15th, 2015

Lucid Recess continue to tantalize. Forging an ethereal sound that the band can call their own, in the whole region, they weave fragile melodies and unique vocal patterns, gently and ably propelled by dynamic percussion. The songs have a purpose, leading us to a special elusive haven in which the listeners can find solace, if only mentally. Visual appeal which is the band's forte, goes hand-in-hand with their delicate music, as each video gives us a refreshing glimpse into the world of Lucid Recess - where they come from and how they make sense of it all. The palpability is there for everyone who has seen enough in life, or will inevitably experience. This is music representing the emotional part of it all. Elegant, moving and fleeting. 

Album Line-up: 
Amitabh Barooa - Vocals & Bass
Siddharth Barooa - Guitars & Backing Vocals
Partha Boro - Drums & Percussion

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