[news] ORODRUIN / BOECX - split MC / DALI - Purpose And Intent - tape EP / ASTARIUM - Nekrocosmo : Demiurge - MC

Shunned House is proud to announce the release of three new tapes that have been in the works for quite some time!

[MOLD015] - ORODRUIN / BOECX - split MC

Two wayward Dutch acts have risen out of obscurity to present a mixture of archaic and necrotic black metal. After 15 years since the first demo, Yrch returns to his roots with ORODRUIN and delivers 6 new atmospheric and raw tracks, harking back to the sound of early 90's black metal. BOECX once again delivers the torturous medieval atmosphere that was established with their first material on the excellent "Beraadslaging Der Naargeestigheid" split with EEUWIG and ALRUIN. 

[MOLD014] - DALI - Purpose And Intent - tape EP

DALI is a highly individualistic black metal project from New Zealand that has captivated me since I first heard his demo submission for "Dead And Loving It" (mold05). Combining nostalgia and catharsis, these 4 new tracks -spanning a total playing time of ~18 min.- provide a mental challenge to the listener that is both unique as well as familiar, like faded scars on flesh. 

[MOLD013] - ASTARIUM - Nekrocosmo : Demiurge - MC

From the vast lands of Siberia, ASTARIUM delivers symphonic black metal exploring the boundless darkness of the cosmos with a highly individualistic approach. This is a limited edition of the 2014 EP, now available on tape. 



buy at tour de garde : http://t-d-g.net/products/orodruin-boecx-split-mc