[news] Camel Of Doom - Terrestrial (2016)

Camel Of Doom - Terrestrial (2016) / Genre - Experimental Doom Metal / Record Label - Solitude Productions

Premiered exclusively at No Clean Singing and even TOmetal.com, this one is everyone's favourite. Doom-Metal.com gave it a perfect rating of 10/10, summing up the release with these words - "it's a completely top-notch album and emphatically the first to make my 'best of 2016' contenders list... "
Experimental doom metal band from UK, Camel of Doom, release their latest album on the ever-great doom label Solitude Productions, and as always, the quality is standard-setting. Unlike the expected atmospheric/funeral doom of the highest quality, for a change, Camel of Doom here play a weird but not unsettling kind of doom that's refreshing to hear - it has a spacey quality to the whole thing, a touch of vast ambiance, progressive experimentation and seamless passages stretching out into eternity. This has elements of sludge, dark ambient, a bit of stoner and even atmospheric doom. The album is a foray into the unplumbed depths of space, a unique excursion that leaves you writhing for answers, for embedded in its drawn-out histrionics are epiphanies the genre could benefit from. Camel of Doom are a revelation, a band that aren't content with merely mimicking others; they are out to change the perception, to do something beyond what is conceived to be possible, much like a trip to outer space.

Album lineup:
Kris Clayton - Guitar/Keyboards/Vocals
Simon Whittle - Bass
Thomas Vallely - Drums (Studio Session)