[news] [reminder] ANTILLIA - Ancient Forces (2015)

ANTILLIA - Ancient Forces  (2015) 

symphonic power metal / autoproduction

“Ancient Forces” is the debut studio album of Russian Symphonic Power Metal band Antillia. The sound of this record combines the vigor of Power metal and the sonority of symphonic orchestrations made by the Belgian composer Maliki Ramia. The whole epic sound is complimented with Alexander Kolesov’s forceful tenor and Elena Belova’s delicate soprano.
The album is dedicated to the fantasy themes. Stories of magic, love and epic battles will take the listener to a whole new world, where the Ancient Forces, woken up by the narrators, might bring the salvation as well as the devastation.
For fans of: Nightwish, Within Temptation, Epica, Therion, Catharsis, Эпидемия.

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