[news] Desolate Horizons - I Thought I'd Never Find You (2016)

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Desolate Horizons -  I Thought I'd Never Find You (2016) 

Hidden Vibes

Dear all,

We proudly announce our 40th release, a blisfful 4-track EP by Desolate Horizons called 'I Thought I'd Never Find You'. As always, Desolate Horizons presents a beautiful ad breathtaking mixture of ambient, drone and shoegaze with his personal, easily distinguishable romantic touch.

As usually, we release music in digital absolutely for free. But sadly, we have to say that Constantine of Desolate Horizons had some serious issues with health during last couple of months, thus he needs some money for recovery. That said, any donation would be extremely helpful and appreciated, as never. 


1. I Can Hear Your Smile
2. I Stood There Calling Out Your Name 
3. Unraveling the Dream Within Another Dream 
4. I Thought I'd Never Find You

Download/support link: https://hiddenvibes.band camp.com/album/i-thought-id-ne ver-find-you

For those of you, who is not familiar with our label - you have a good chance of getting acquainted with it by grabbing our complete discography (40 releases!) for $5 only: https://hiddenvibes.band camp.com

Thank you and hope you enjoy the music!