[news] [presskit - eng] French book – Dictionnaire de Musique Metal (2016)

French book – Dictionnaire de Musique Metal (2016)

Cristiano Basso, Dictionnaire de Musique Metal, Éditions Hab, Lyon
Paperback (2016)
234 pages black and white
more than 70
unpublished color images (photos, graphics, sketches)

14.8 x 21. X 1,3 cm or 5,8 X 8,2 X 0,5 inches
artwork by Gragoth @
ISBN 978-2-9556775-0-6
EAN 9782955677506
Price TTC 16.00 €

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About the Book
The Dictionnaire de Musique Metal offers a definition of more than 360 terms related to metal and brings together more than 70 unpublished color images (photos, graphics, sketches).
The terms analyzed are about metal music (the different kinds of metal, vocal techniques, sound effects etc.) formats (cd, audio cassettes, mediabook, digifile etc.) and concerts (circle pit, mosh, pogo etc.) and terms of the record industry (vinyl test pressing, acetate etc.).

A book for all music fans !

About the author
Metalhead since the purchase of the tape of Testament Practice What You Preach (1989). In 1991 he realized with his metal band a demo. He plays electric guitar as an amateur. Since 2009 he collaborates, as archivist, on metal webzine Heavylaw.com. In 2011 he created the blog metallifer.blogspot.fr which spreads extreme metal. He created the fanzine Wanderer’s Lightouse focused on extreme metal underground.

Contact the author : metallifer@yahoo.com
Contact the editor Éditions Hab : http://editionshab.e-monsite.com/contact/contact.html
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